The Electrical program at Worcester Technical High School prepares students to enter into the diversified of electricity. The curriculum covers all aspects of the electrical industry allowing each individual the opportunity to choose his or her own career path that they find most rewarding. Each year all electrical shops are supplemented by an appropriate theory class further enhancing their level of understanding.

Skills and Competencies:

Read and understand work-related materials

Listen to others, understand, and ask questions

Judge the costs and benefits of a possible action

Go back and forth between two or more activities or sources of information without becoming confused

Notice when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong

Develop rules or follow guidelines for arranging items

Determine the causes of technical problems and find solutions for them

Repair machines or systems

Watch gauges, dials, and output to make sure a machine is working properly

Install equipment, machines, wiring, or programs to meet specifications

Career Opportunities:

Electrical Apprentice

Telephone/Data Worker

Utility Worker

Common Employment Opportunities:

Construction electrician

Industrial electrician

Maintenance electrician

Residential electrician

Electrical equipment sales

Industrial control technician

Communication installer

Data network installer

Utility worker

In addition to the students shop experiences seniors are given the opportunity to participate in a co-op program as well as community service projects throughout the city. Students who maintain a B average are eligible to work in their desired electrical field forging opportunities for gainful employment upon graduation. Some of our graduates decide to further their education in order to enter into design or engineering careers. All curriculums here at Worcester Technical High School is updated as industry standards evolve

For more information about this department, contact Mr. O’Connor.