2021 History Summer Work

Summer Reading Worcester Technical High School

Grades 9, 10, & 12

Grade 9, 10 and 12: Read one of the following books

For the book you choose for your grade level keep a reading log of at least 10 important quotes these quotes should each be from a different chapter for each quote you choose write down the page #  or chapter and write about one of the following: Example of a Reading Log.  Click on the book for an online PDF version.  

  • Why is this quote important to the overall story?
  • What does this quote tell you about the historical time period?
  • How does this quote compare to something in your own personal life?
  • How does this quote compare to something you have read before or learned about before?
  • Why is this an important issue in history or a particular time period?

You will be asked for an additional assignment based on the book you chose from your history teacher when you return to school.

Any Questions Please contact Mr. Metivier   metivierm@worcesterschools.net