Advanced Manufacturing

Brian Cummings, Department Head

Eliminating the manufacturing skills gap, one students at a time

Program Overview

The Advanced Manufacturing program provides students with the opportunity to experience the latest advanced manufacturing technology.  Students will experience hands-on techniques, which replicate career opportunities in today’s advanced manufacturing facilities.


Advanced Manufacturing Skills:


Advanced Manufacturing students will be trained in a diversely & well equipped program to obtain competency from beginner to advanced levels, using a variety of state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques, such as:

Precision CNC programming, set-up, and operation equipment:

Haas VF-OE and TM-1P Machining Centers;

Haas SL-20 Turning Center with Bar feeder & parts catcher;

Advanced CNC Control Simulators.

Precision R&D Manual Machining equipment:


Milling Machines / Prototrak;

Precision Surface Grinders;

Drill Presses;

Vertical and Horizontal Band Saws;

and various hand tools, and finishing tools;

CNC Programming, set-up, and operation:

Students learn basic CNC G-Code programming;

Tooling setup;

Advanced setup techniques;

Visual Quick Code programming;

Innovative/in-process inspection techniques.

CAD/CAM Programming:

Complete integration of the latest Mastercam CAD/CAM software;

Introduction to Autodesk Inventor HSM CAD/CAM software.

Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing/3D Scanning Technology:

Complete (and growing) 3D/Additive Manufacturing program;

3D Systems CubePro 3D Printer & integrated software;

3D Systems 3D Hand-held part/object scanner;

Generate STL models for printing;

Integration of CAD software to print 3D parts/objects;

Additional Fab Lab equipment arriving.

Advanced Inspection, Measurement, and Quality Control

CMM programming & inspection;

Surface Plate inspection using gauge blocks, height gauges, and indicators;

Micrometers & Calipers with dial, vernier, & digital scales;

Bench work & layout

Laser Engraving / Laser Cutting Technology

Work Readiness Skills

Resume & Cover Letter development;

Interviewing skills & techniques;

Business, finance, and entrepreneurship skills.

Lean Manufacturing skills




Career Opportunities

During your time in the Advanced Manufacturing program, you will find a wide range of opportunities.  These times will be filled with many opportunities to try something new and exciting.  There is never a dull moment, as the program is regularly implementing new advanced manufacturing technology, while completing assigned projects, as well as specialty & customer projects.  The Advanced Manufacturing curriculum is always dynamic and very exciting.

If you are interested in making things, whether it be in CNC machining & 3D printing, using CAD/CAM software to develop & implement ideas, or whether it be learning about advanced equipment such as laser engraving/cutting and CMM measuring equipment, then this field is definitely for you! “Endless Possibilities” is the best term that often comes to mind.

CNC Programmer

CNC Set-up Person

CNC Operator


Advanced Manufacturing Technician

Quality Control / Quality Assurance technician

Additive Design & Manufacturing Technician

CAD/CAM Specialist

Post-secondary opportunities would lead you to advancements in Manufacturing/Mechanical Engineering.

Manufacturing Statistics to Consider

Here is just a small list of career and post-secondary opportunities in the Advanced Manufacturing field:

  • For every $1 of goods produced, manufacturing generates an additional $1.43 for the economy
  • As of 2015, the average wage for skilled manufacturers is more than $77K!
  • 90%+ of manufacturing personnel have medical benefits
  • The current lack of skilled manufacturing workers is expected to result in approximately 2 million manufacturing jobs going unfilled by 2020.
  • Recently, nearly $1 Billion in grants have gone to vocational schools and technical colleges to support the creation and advancement of Advanced Manufacturing programs
  • Advanced Manufacturing supports over 17.6 million jobs in the US.  That’s more than the total population of the 4 largest US cities (New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, & Houston)
  • Since 2014-2015, approximately $180,000 has been invested into our own Advanced Manufacturing program to help solve the career skills gap and provide awesome opportunities for our graduates
  • Currently, thousands of advanced manufacturing jobs are available and await you in the Worcester area alone!

For more information about this department, contact Mr. Cummings.

Advanced Manufacturing Video

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