Class of 2024 Shop Acceptance Day

Freshmen Trade Acceptance Celebration

The WOO Tech Class of 2024 handled remote exploratory with dignity, grace and strength. You have made your families proud. You have made the faculty at WTHS even prouder. As a Class you have managed to achieve and meet your goals all under extremely difficult circumstances.

We are so excited to welcome you into your new shops. We hope that all of you can join us on Friday, February 5, 2021, for a celebration of your acceptance into your trade. Friday is a day that is dedicated to you and your dedication to be successful at WTHS.

Listed below are the steps to follow so you can safely participate in the February 5th, Freshmen Acceptance Celebration. Please look at the table below to determine what time you should arrive at school. The list goes by last name.

Last names: A-E will arrive at WTHS between 12:00 pm-12:20 pm
Last names: F-M will arrive at WTHS between 12:20 pm :12:40 pm
Last names: N-S will arrive at WTHS between 1:00 pm -1:20 pm
Last names: T-Z will arrive at WTHS between 1:20 pm -1:40 pm
  1. Please write your name and shop on a piece of paper and display on your dashboard.
  2. You will enter WTHS driveway and be greeted by our staff.
  3. Please stay in your Car.
  4. Visiting Parking Lot: Allied Health Academy
  5. Horseshoe: Informational Technologies and Business Systems Academy
  6. Gym parking lot: Construction Academy
  7. Building D: Alden Academy

Safety and caution: We will be practicing appropriate social distancing & PPE guidelines during the Freshmen Celebration Event. All staff will be wearing masks even though we will be outside in a large, open area.

Everyone in your car must wear a face mask and follow CDC Guidelines and practice safe social distancing by staying at least 6 ft. away from teachers, peers, and other families.

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