History of This Site

Techhigh.us started in 2005 with a simple site built with Microsoft Front-Page. The site contained static content about our technical areas and news on the construction of our new building.

Screenshot of the original techhigh.us home page

In 2007, we launched the Techhigh Portal, a Microsoft Sharepoint site. This site contained the same static content, but included collaboration features of Sharepoint. When the Programming and Web Development shop was developed in 2010, our students took over the maintenance for our websites.

portal.techhigh.us screenshot

In 2014, We launched the new techhigh.us WordPress site. This site was built from scratch by Programming and Web Development students. All content and photos were generated by our student authors.

Screenshot of the first techhigh.us WordPress site

In September of 2017-2018 school year, Anthony Le, Jeffery Neal, and Mariah Donahue reworked the Wordpress site with a new theme. It used Bootstrap to give the website the look and feel of an professional website. This allowed for the website to have accessability for mobile users. It took an entire school-year to accomplish. The final result was over 2000 lines of code, spanning 30 files.

2018 Custom Techhigh Theme

Latest Version

In 2022 we created a collaborative partnership between students in Programming and Web Development and Finance and Marketing. Through this partnership we rebuilt techhigh.us with all new content, code, and workflow processes. This site is now built using Jekyll, a static site generator, which uses HTML and Markdown for the pages themselves. We use CSS and Bootstrap for styling. We do builds of this site on Thursday, this’s where we push new code to. Check back often to see what’s new!