Debate Club

Debate Club meetings are always on Wednesday after school from 2-3 Ms. Jenness

In debate club we debate verity of topics and we compete in Speech & Debate League and show off our debate skills .



Children’s Literature Reading -The student should present material designed to be read to children so that it may be understood and appreciated by a young child or children.

Play Reading -The student should present a scene or scenes from a published play. The material maybe be either serious or humorous in nature .

Prose Reading -The student will present material chosen from published poetry.

Novice Reading – This event is limited to first-year forensic competitors ONLY. The student will present material either from prose, poetry, or drama. Children’s literature is acceptable in this category.



Declamation – The student delivers a speech written by some other person. The speech must have been presented as a public address and found in print, on video, or DVD or an audio recording.

Original Oratory – The student presents original thought and commentary on a topic of his/her choice. A maximum of 150 directly quoted words is allowed in the oration.


Extemporaneous Speaking– The students will draw three topics of current of interest from the material prepared by the tournament director. Usually topics are based on articles taken from recent issues of publications from major media outlets.

Novice Extemporaneous Speaking -*FIRST YEAR EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING COMPETITORS ONLY *.This event are the same as those from Extemporaneous Speaking.

Impromptu Speaking – On the speaker’s turn, he/she will select three topics from an envelope(or other such container)choosing one of them to perform. After the choice is made. The judge begins to time the event.

Group Discussion – Group Discussion is an event in which students discuss and argue a topic set at the beginning of the round. The topics will present an issue, designed to introduce a variety of conflicting opinions.

Radio Broadcasting – Radio Broadcasting is a public address event in which a student presents a classic, “top-of-the-hour” news broadcast in the voice of a single professional broadcaster. In this event, each student will receive a packet of news-copy or a newspaper.


Dramatic Performance – This is a memorized event in which the student presents a selection of literature. The presentation should include an introduction that cities the name of the piece and the author, and should develop the narrative and/or character(s) via vocal and physical techniques.

Duo Interpretation – Duo is a unique event, challenging two performers to render a dynamic moment utilizing appropriate vocal expression ,gesture and interaction between partners. As a unit, the two performers will vocally and physically respond to each other’s verbal and non-verbal cues while maintaining an offstage focus.

Multiple Reading – A group of 3-8 students will present a scene or scenes from published material(play(s),work(s) of prose, and/or work(s) of poetry).The material may be either serious or humorous in nature. The students may use vocal skills, facial expressions, and/or hand gestures to develop a narrator and character(s); however, the focus of the performers should be off-stage.

For any questions, please contact Ms. Jenness