ELA Academic Honesty Policy

Worcester Technical High School

English Department

Worcester Technical High School will not tolerate any forms of cheating, plagiarism, or dishonesty.  Please read below to understand of the offenses and their consequences.

Cheating – the act of obtaining or attempting to obtain credit for academic work through the use of dishonest, deceptive, or fraudulent means. Plagiarism – is representing the work of someone else as your own and submitting it for any purpose. Dishonesty – is deliberately or casually misrepresenting truth or facts.
  • Copying from someone else’s test.
  • Submitting work that is not your own, through traditional or electronic means.
  • Submitting work presented previously in another course, or previous year without teacher permission.
  • Using material during a testing situation that is not allowed.
  • Consulting with someone, other than the teacher, during a testing situation.
  • Committing other acts that defraud or misrepresent.
  • Incorporating the ideas, works, sentences, paragraphs, or parts of another’s writings, without giving appropriate credit, and representing the product as your own work.
  • Representing another’s artistic/scholarly work as your own.
  • Submitting a paper purchased from a research or term paper service.
  • Submitting a paper written by another person as your own.




  • Purposely allowing another student to copy your work using traditional or electronic means.
  • Giving your homework, term paper, or other school work to another person to plagiarize.
  • Having another student submit work in your name.
  • Lying to an instructor to improve your grade.
  • Stealing tests.
  • Hiding teacher materials.
  • Removing a test from a classroom.
  • Forging signatures.

Consequences for plagiarism or academic dishonesty based on teacher discretion (bold are required):

  • Take a zero for the assignment
    • Take a zero for the assignment with no chance to do-over the assignment
    • Parent notification
    • After school detention with your teacher
  • Written referral to your Assistant Principal which COULD result in:
    • Meeting with Assistant Principal
    • Recorded on permanent record
    • Parent notification
    • Detention
    • Suspension
Page last updated September 6, 2018