Finance and Marketing

Lauren Hayes, Department Head

The four year Finance and Marketing program is not designed to merely provide students with a narrow specialization of a specific job. For example, in the past, bank tellers were expected to perform rudimentary job functions. Now, tellers must be able to operate a computer, advise customers about financial services, make on–the-spot decisions and understand the banking business, marketing and the nation’s economic system. To do this the Finance & Marketing program integrates high level academic and broad technical studies through challenging activities and an accelerated program of study using the school and the work-site. This program allows students to use critical thinking to solve problems, try new ideas, work with each other and investigate a broad range of technologies in the Finance and Marketing fields. Our students are prepared for the 21st century.

Program Summary

The program consist of four separate yet interrelated areas of study in the general areas of marketing, math, financial records, and communications. The primary focus of the program is the introduction of the foundations, of marketing as they relate to the retail and finance industries. This focus includes course work in introduction to financial records, Finance/Marketing Math I, and “hands-on” marketing applications, through the school store, DECA activities and various projects throughout the year.


Membership in DECA

Throughout the four years, all students participate in DECA. DECA is a co-curricular organization that serves as an integral part of the classroom instruction. A national association for marketing students, DECA is a student centered program of leadership and personal development designed specifically for students in marketing. Each year students compete with other DECA members in district, state and national competitions in marketing categories such as advertising, retail merchandising and finance & credit.

Senior Work programs

We encourage partnerships between the school and post secondary schools through the tech prep curriculum.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Participation in work programs for seniors

  • Taking advantage of partnerships between the schools and post secondary schools through the tech prep curriculum

  • Communication

  • Reasoning and problem solving

  • The use of math and science

  • Skill in managing oneself, others, time, and things

Career Opportunities:

  • Retail management

  • Bank teller or customer service representative

  • Bookkeeper

  • Accounting assistant

  • Financial analyst

  • Sales assistant

  • Positions in advertising and media

  • Promotional sales assistant

  • Shipping and receiving clerk

Finance and Marketing Video

Video by Stacia Zoghbi Finance, marketing and business management Learn More about Finance and Marketing