Outdoor Club

The Outdoor Club is a club run by Dan Fitzpatrick and Kim Youkstetter. Meetings are the first Thursday of the months of September, October, and November after school in the multipurpose room for about an hour.

In the Outdoor Club, we do a variety of activities that can range from going canoeing in different locations, mountain climbing, camping, both in tents and in cabins, hiking in places such as simply around the school up to Green Hill Park or somewhere like Purgatory Chasm, and much more. Although the Outdoor club does centralize around getting outside and being active, you do not in any way need to be an athlete or incredibly fit! All you need to have is a drive to be active and get outside!

The club also tends to take suggestions from the club members and applies that activity to the core schedule if enough of the club members are interested in doing such activities.

2016 Schedule:

  • Day Hike around Wachusett Reservoir Thursday Sept. 8
  • Canoe Instruction / Paddling Workshop Saturday Sept. 17
  • Trip to the Mass. Outdoor Expo Sunday Sept. 25
  • Full Moon night hike up Whachusett Mountain Monday Oct. 17
  • Day hike in Purgatory Chasm Thursday Nov. 10
  • Mountain Hike up Mount Monadnock To be determined (Sat. Nov. 19th?)


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