PAC Meeting – Oct 2020

Principal Siobhan Petrella’s PAC


In Attendance:

  • Principal Petrella
  • Michelle Phenix
  • Parent Jackie Wright
  • Parent Shannon Bartley
  • Community Member/WPD John Mahan
  • Student Genesis Bernabel

Meeting Minutes

  • Introductions of members and roles
  • PAC goals and objectives
    • This is an opportunity for team members to share thoughts, concerns, goals, school and community updates and questions with each other.
    • Principal Petrella envisions this group to be highly collaborative, communicative and supportive.
  • Meeting began with technical difficulties. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • Ms. Safford was trying to enter the Meet but also encountered technical difficulties. We are sorry for this inconvenience, Ms. Safford.
  • Meeting closed with an overview of the start to the school year and the high levels of engagement being seen in technical and academic classrooms.
  • Ms. Phenix will share meeting minutes with PAC.
  • Next steps: Ms. Fitzgerald will email (approximately two weeks prior) PAC members to submit agenda items or questions to Ms. Phenix
  • Next steps: Ms. Phenix will contact Web Dev team to insert PAC information on our school website

Thank you for all your support! We look forward to a great year.