Special Education

The Special Education Department at Worcester Technical High School operates under the auspices of, and utilizes the resources of the Worcester Public Schools Department of Special Education. Following the guidelines of the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and state Special Education mandates, Worcester Technical provides special education services in a “least restrictive setting” which simultaneously encourages student growth and takes into consideration individual student’s needs.

The Special Education Department:

  • Follows the guidelines of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks in developing the scope and sequence of its instructional programs and Individualized Educational Plans
  • Utilizes both Diagnostic and Prescriptive teaching techniques
  • Provides a continuum of special education services ranging from supportive instruction in general education classes to substantially separate academic and technical classes
  • Has access to a wide variety of ancillary services (Child Study, Assistive Technology, Occupational, Physical and Communicative Therapies) to better meet the needs of individual students
  • Has a highly dedicated staff with a wide variety of experience and expertise, who have a positive, effective and on-going rapport was the regular education instructional staff
  • Designs and coordinates services that students need in order help them be successful in the general curriculum and to help them be successful in the life of the school, and the larger community
  • Encourages parents to be the driving force in the Special Educational process, which is viewed as a collaboration between parents, school staff, and other professionals.


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