Freshmen Jumpstart

Our Jumpstart program is designed to help orient new students into our school! This is a great opportunity to meet your new teachers and classmates, navigate the building, and learn about our 23 technical areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What is exploratory?”

  • Leads up to choosing a trade area
  • Freshmen students will have the opportunity to experience eight different trade areas throughout a sixteen week period.

“What are A Week and Z Week?”

  • We have a weekly alternating academic and technical area schedule
  • If a student started the school year in shop week, they are in the “Z week” group
  • If a student started the school year in academic week, they are in the “A week” group
  • This is the classroom portion of our trade areas that are taken everyday during a students’ academic week
  • Students will learn key concepts to help them master their trades further

“When do freshmen get their shops?”

  • Students will receive their trade areas once the 16 week exploratory program is over
  • Administration will sort the students into the shops based on their final trade area rankings
  • This is usually around the months of January and February.