Vocational Opportunities and Career Pathways Program

The mission of the VOC-P Program is to identify students who would thrive in a high school vocational experience that allows them hands-on opportunities in a working environment. Students will continue to make academic gains at their independent level while demonstrating progress completing an MCAS- ALT portfolio.

The Vocational Opportunities and Career Pathways Program is a four year program designed to teach students functional academics, independent living, and vocational skills. Vocational concentrations and areas of study are skills based and students are individually matched with areas of study based on skill development, interest, strengths and learning needs.

Students admitted into the VOC-P program enter Worcester Technical High School under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 70 Guidelines. Instruction is through a supportive parallel model which provides support and assistance of a special educator and/or special education assistant, in collaboration with the faculty and staff of Worcester Technical High School, and its
partnered affiliates.

Eligible students interested in applying for admission to the VOC P program should contact the Evaluation Team Chairperson at their district high schools to initiate the application process. Applications should be completed by March.

Targeted Vocational Skills and Areas of Study

Self Advocacy – how to communicate during work or out in the community when problems arise and working on determining solutions to these problems, navigating the internet, social media in order to seek out employment opportunities

Vocational Skills – on the job training, work readiness, interview , resume building and job skills, safety while on the job

Community Opportunities – students will participate in volunteer internships within the community possibly leading to employment.

Employability Skills – critical thinking and problem solving, working as a team, communication skills, motivation, time management

Activities of daily living – maintaining a safe environment, cooking, cleaning, dressing, personal hygiene

Travel Training – reading a bus schedule the community, scheduling a ride with transportation such as WRTA, Uber, Lift, etc.

Budgeting/Money Management – identifying and counting coins and bills, comparing prices within stores, making change, using an ATM/Debit card, shopping to promote independence

VOC-P Target Population

The Vocational Opportunities and Career Pathways Program (VOC P) at Worcester Technical High School is designed for student with special needs who:

  • Have been found eligible for special education services due to an intellectual disability and / or Autism Spectrum as their primary disability
  • Are determined by a Team to be in need of a substantially separate program and whose IEP can be implemented in the VOC P Program.
  • Participate in the MCAS Alternate Assessment
  • Can benefit from a program that is directly related to the preparation of students for career opportunities
  • Can safely and with decreasing supports, access an appropriate supported career based program that is offered at the Worcester Technical High School
  • Have needs an career goals that can be met through the Vocational Opportunities and Careers Pathways Program
  • Students will follow the policies and procedures outlined in the Worcester Public Schools Student Handbook as well as the supplemental handbook provided by Worcester Technical High School

Targeted Vocational Skills and Areas of Study

Students will have access to targeted vocational areas that provide optimal opportunities to acquire skills that will assist them with securing some type of employment.

Students in the 9/10 VOC-P Program focus on functional academic skills, specifically geared towards MA Curriculum Frameworks and completion of MCAS Alt Portfolios. Students that participate in the VOC P Program do not receive a high school diploma or trade certificate. Students will receive a certificate of attainment after completing 4 years.

Students strengthen their money management, reading and writing comprehension skills as well as soft skills needed for success while on the job. Students will explore vocational areas that correspond to their skill development, interests, strengths and learning needs.

Students in the 11/12 VOC-P Program continue to develop and refine skills related to money management and budgeting, independent living, employability and vocational areas. Students work on creating a resume while they learn the process of looking for and applying for job and volunteer opportunities. Students will have unique experiences and participate within the community contributing collaboratively while gaining invaluable experiences.

Application Directions

  1. You MUST complete all information. Please print or type in the spaces provided.
  2. Application MUST be signed by student and parent as well as the Special Education Director or
  3. Return application to your school’s Evaluation Team Chairperson.

Application Documents

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