Welding Tool Technology

Large Scale Projects

The WTHS Welding program often works on large projects outsourced by companies or even cities. In the Winter of 2015 one such project, the Myra Hiatt Kraft Memorial footbridge, was finished and dedicated having been finished by the WTHS Welding, Painting and Design and Carpentry shops as a group effort.

Myra Hiatt Kraft Memorial Bridge

Working with Fire

As a welder you will be expected, and taught, to work with bright and powerful flames, and even electricity both safely and effectively in order to complete projects within the shop and in industry

Metal Working

Within the shop you will learn to work with metal, in order to shape, mold, join, and strengthen different alloys in order to complete your project.



Due to the potentially dangerous nature of the shop you will be taught how to properly keep yourself safe using all the shop’s different equipment and safety gear

  • There are many scholarship options within the Welding trade

Welding Video

Video by Stacia Zoghbi Finance, marketing and business management Learn More about Welding